What Is A Buyers Agent What Do They Do Why Do I Need One

Dated: 07/05/2019

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What is a buyers agent? — What do they do? — Why do I need one?

These are the questions and here is what you need to know. Here are some things to know about a Buyers Agent.

  • Represents the buyer and is promoting the interest of the buyer with good faith, loyalty and protecting the buyer's confidences in a real estate transaction.

  • A buyers agent works for the buyer and has the buyers best interest in mind.

  • A buyers agent will write and deliver contracts in a timely manner and advises the buyer to obtain expert advice when so needed.

  • A buyers agent will disclose adverse material facts about the property that they know of.

  • A buyers agent is not an inspector or an attorney.

  • A buyers agent is not working for the seller's interest.

Here are a few reasons why you should use a buyers agent and the benefits of using one.

  • A buyers agent will evaluate your needs and wants to locate the properties that best fit what you're looking for.

  • They have a network and will provide a few people you can contact to help get you pre-qualified and determine the amount you can afford.

  • They can open doors! we will show you homes that you are interested in a fit your criteria.

  • A buyers agent will help to identify problems or issues with a property to help the customer make an informed decision on the home.

  • A buyers agent will advise you on building and making an appropriate offer to purchase a home.

  • Your agent will deliver the offer to the sellers agent on the clients behalf and will advise the client in negotiations to help purchase a property.

  • As a buyer client, you will be fully represented throughout the real estate transaction.

How many times have you bought a home? Once, twice or maybe three times in your life? A real estate transaction can be very complicated with lots of little details to be handled. Most of the time the seller is represented by an agent, so why wouldn’t you want to be represented for your best interest when buying real estate? As a buyers agent, I am responsible to protect and fight for your best interest. When you use an agent, research shows that a client on average will find there home a week faster and see more properties than if you go it alone.

Contact me today to be your buyers agent! Together we will get you a great house at a fair price. clayton@findboisehomes4sale.com, 208-996-6507

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